My experience as an Intern at TCTC Group

June 27, 2019


Nerves, excitement, eagerness. These were the overwhelming feelings I had walking into my first day at The Clinical Trial Company ASIA. Not only would this be my first time working as an intern in the healthcare field, but it would also be my first time living in an entirely different country by myself.


Before getting into my experience at TCTC and the knowledge I have gained, here is a little bit about myself. My name is Emerson KennyBirch and I am from New Hampshire, U.S.A, but am living in Singapore for the summer while I complete my internship. I am halfway through university in the state of Indiana at Butler University, studying healthcare and business. Since I was little, I have always had a strong fascination with the healthcare field, but as I got older I became more familiar with the medical device industry in particular. When I had the opportunity to not only be able to immerse myself into Singaporean culture for the summer, but also work closely with companies producing new, innovative medical technology, I had no hesitation but to say yes. Thankfully I did because this experience has easily been one of the best of my early life.


Without having any previous experience, I had little to no expectations when beginning as an intern, but I cannot express how much my time at TCTC has exceeded every hope I had in mind. From the first day, I felt welcomed by not only the team members here in the Singapore office, but also everyone who reached out from the UK and Australia as well. After initial training and getting familiar with the company’s operations, my role has been primarily business development and data management. I spend time researching various medical technology and pharmaceutical companies that we can reach out to in order to support their clinical trials as well as contact them to introduce TCTC. Additionally, I have managed data from current clinical trials and also have done some data entry as well. Perhaps my favourite part of my time here has consisted of being able to attend business development meetings with potential clients from Singapore. Not only has this allowed me to meet more people in this field, but I have been able to see first-hand how their devices operate and their mission to better patient health.


From Tom Richardon, director of TCTC Asia, I have been able to see the hard work that goes into day to day operations at the Singapore office and I have learned the proper etiquette when meeting with and speaking to potential clients. His bright, cheery attitude has made the workplace a wonderful environment and his encouraging comments has instilled independence and confidence in me that I didn’t know I had. All colleagues at the TCTC Asia office have displayed incredible work ethic day in and day out, but more importantly they have never failed to show me their kindness and support.


Thank you, to each and every person here at TCTC Group for opening my mind to the healthcare world and for allowing me to grow in ways I did not think was possible. I genuinely will miss being a part of the TCTC team, but I know this community will continue to prosper well beyond my leave.




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