The right CRO partner can make all the difference

May 12, 2017


In the challenging, evolving and highly demanding landscape of clinical research, an increasing number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and institutions are choosing outsourcing. In fact according to the Annual Contract Pharma outsourcing survey 2016, 73% of industry professionals confirmed that the demand for outsourcing is constantly increasing and the indications show that this trend will continue in the future.


The necessity on focusing more on their own capabilities and expertise is what drives companies to use an external partner on their journey to product development. Contract relationships are now perceived as partnerships by sponsors who repeatedly trust CRO’s in delivering their projects timely and effectively.


Contract Research Organisations are able to provide their clients with quality data, regulatory compliance and swift study start-up times that lead to the increase of productivity. Sponsor companies have the benefit to leverage the CRO’s team expertise in a wide range of research areas, allowing a faster route to successful clinical studies.

But what are the key elements a CRO should have in order to be a respective partner?

  • Guaranteed confidentiality

Clinical trials are often complex projects that require special treatment in terms of execution and effective delivery of results. Ensuring that one of your CRO’s priorities is confidentiality is the first step to ensure success. The ability to handle sensitive data with no major breaches is considered critical throughout the clinical research process.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality is a fundamental focal point in the clinical trial journey. Adhering to the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a requirement. Having the relevant approach to quality both internally and externally establishes transparency and confidence in every step of the clinical trial development.

  • Capability & Compatibility

Expertise and team experience are key indicators of assured quality and successful delivery of the project. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing many challenges in getting their products to market. Considering that, an experienced team with proven track record in executing successful projects is pivotal. Being able to provide valuable input into the study, a CRO that understands the customer’s requirements can make all the difference.


Expertise sometimes though, may not be enough if the sponsor company and the CRO don’t share the same values and objectives. Transparency in processes and effective cross-communication between teams is of equal importance.


TCTC Group™ can be your loyal partner in this challenging journey. With a vast therapeutic experience and numerous successful projects we can assist you adopt a new approach efficiently and effectively. TCTC Group has 6 different divisions each one addressing a different need and offering stand-alone services or full service trial programmes, which optimise the integration of the client’s expertise with our own.

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